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Armed Forces Gold Covenant Award

Professional IT Training and Recruitment Solutions

We place YOU at the heart of everything we do

Cerco is different.
We have all the drive and dedication that you should expect from your recruitment partner but we go a step further - we train you to directly meet the ever-changing needs of our employment partners.

For over 30 years we have taken great pride in our commitment to those looking to forge a career in IT by offering accessible, structured and professional training courses.

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Cradle to Cyber®

Contemporary conversations around IT usually always include information and network security. Such is the ever-present threat surrounding vulnerable networks and malicious intent.

Cerco has responded by augmenting its traditional training program with training designed to prepare you for a career in Cyber Security.

In partnership with the world's leading provider of network security solutions, Fortinet, and our world class training partners we offer a range of courses for those looking to build a career in Cyber Security. These courses are key components within our Cradle to Cyber® program.

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Professional IT opportunities for everyone

The world of IT is challenging, fast-paced and constantly evolving; but that's not to say it is inaccessible. Quite the opposite.

At Cerco we create opportunities for trainees with modest IT skills to gain a foothold on the first rung of the IT ladder from where they can advance with confidence to forge a rewarding career.

By taking candidates with the best potential, and training them to a high standard in both technical ability and customer service, Cerco can consistently meet the high expectations of its clients both nationally and internationally.

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  • Securing a job in Cybersecurity with Cerco and the Fortinet Network Security Expert Training and Certification Programme – Year 1 of 2

    If you have a passion for computing and have long held fascination with Cybersecurity, Cerco’s Cradle to Cyber presents the perfect pathway through training into employment. With Cradle to Cyber we have designed a two year training programme that leads you through basic IT training, temporary employment, continuous learning (via the Fortinet Network Security Expert […]

  • Empowering women and military spouses to enter the world of IT and Cybersecurity

    Cerco has been on a mission to bridge the gap between untapped talent and the IT sector since 1989. Furthermore, we have always believed in the importance of diversity and inclusion within an industry that may suffer the perception of being a male-only environment. Through our continuing support for the Armed Forces community, Cerco is […]

  • A Journey to Shetland

    At Cerco, customer care is not just a buzzphrase, but a deeply ingrained philosophy. We believe it to be the cornerstone of building trust and long-lasting partnerships. Recently, our team had the unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment during a site visit to the picturesque town of Lerwick, Shetland. A Commitment to Excellence Cerco has […]

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Building on strong tradition

Our trainees come from all walks of life but the outcome is always the same - professionalism, dedication and a strong desire to work.

We are proud to continue our tradition of supporting those leaving the Armed Forces. The unique blend of discipline, training and strong communication skills makes service leavers a perfect fit for a career in IT.

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Latest Opportunities

  • Smart Locker Field Engineer - Devon

    £23,000Our customer is a leading supplier in the parcel delivery technologies industry, committed to providing efficient and secure solutions for the modern world. We [more]

  • Smart Locker Field Engineer

    £23,000Our customer is a leading supplier in the parcel delivery technologies industry, committed to providing efficient and secure solutions for the modern world. We [more]

  • Junior Service Delivery Manager (Software)

    £45,000As a Service Delivery Manager, you will play a pivotal role in our Service Operations Software and Tech Delivery lifecycle. Your primary responsibility is [more]

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HM Forces

For 30+ years we have worked closely with members of HM Armed Forces who are planning on leaving service and looking to a career in IT.
We are so proud of our relationship with some key charities.

In 2022 Cerco was recognised for its commitment to the Armed Forces with the awarding of the Armed Forces Gold Covenant.

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A few years ago I answered an advert for an IT technician job with Cerco. They assessed and trained me, then found me regular contract work with large corporate businesses in what can be a difficult industry to get into.
Throughout my time with them they always acted with complete professionalism and honesty. Listening to some of the stories from engineers who had worked with other companies I realised this was why I enjoyed working for them so much and why I would recommend them to anyone starting out as an IT Technician.
Matt Pimble Former Royal Marine, now working in IT in Dubai
After 20 years working within the Telecoms / IT sector. I found myself redundant following a company sale. I applied for a job at Cerco IT and within the week, I was on my first job. The engineers and office staff were incredibly easy to work with. I have never worked with such a professional and honest organisation as Cerco IT, in my time in the industry. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If my circumstances had not changed. I would still be working with them. Either working full time or as a side project.
I would recommend looking into working with Cerco IT.
Chris Hollins
I have to thank Cerco IT for giving me the opportunity to go on the one-week course.
I had no idea at the time it would lead me to a full-time position, working in an area of employment I had wished to achieve years before.

Best regards and many thanks to the Cerco IT HQ team.
Charlie Burns
In such short period of time I gave up a job, I passed two tests, I had a place arranged for a course and I made a promise not to disappoint. Then, I became your employee.
6-7 months later, I have to tell you that it has been a pleasure and an honour to be part of Cerco, and I hope I represented it successfully.
I would also want to thank you for this opportunity (I know it sounds like a cliché), but it’s exactly what it was as it introduced a whole new world to me and it gave me the chance to prove myself. It was a great learning journey and I enjoyed it. Cerco will remain the company I respect and will recommend. Thank you!
Cornelia Graduate
Cerco is a genuine oasis in the IT career debutant’s search.
When I came across Cerco, it took me 2 attempts to qualify for training - and am I glad I persisted!

Supported by first rate administrative, training and recruitment teams, Cerco IT have taken me from zero to confident IT starter in barely 3 months.
My journey started with a totally supported week’s IT course and CV update; A variation of temporary assignments offering confidence-building exposure; and has culminated in being put forward for a job opening which saw me successfully recruited.
I cannot overstate the confidence gained from the Cerco experience.

I really am so positively impacted by the whole team:
  • Ruby and Ella's diligence and warmth
  • Ian's superb IT training
  • Keiron, Catherine and Katherine's approachability and guidance
  • Becky's confidence-inspiring support during the job application / interview process
Kwek Eshun
I first heard about Cerco at an employment fair in Bristol. The information about the training given gave me an irresistible opportunity to move into a field I have always been interested in. Whilst the courses available through other providers give qualifications they do not offer the opportunity to use the skills in the field.
The application process was straightforward and the pre-course information gave me the boost that, even though I had a fairly sound knowledge of computers before, I would not only learn a lot but that it would also be challenging.
On starting the course the learning curve began slowly but ramped up quite rapidly.
However, due to the high standard of instruction, everybody on the course was able to keep abreast of the material. The practical aspects of the course especially assisted in cementing the theory and, as well as the course material, we were given information the actual role that we would be expected to do in the field.
Stuart Dean Royal Navy
Cerco is an excellent company to work for especially if you are new to / looking to get into IT.
After completing the 5 day course I was immediately placed in a role working all over the UK for a large company carrying out various different jobs with multiple other engineers who are great to work with and will help you out as much as they can whilst you are still learning the role and gaining experience.

I really enjoyed my time with Cerco and the girls in the office were brilliant and very helpful and polite which made my experience with Cerco great, specifically Ruby and Kat.
Saqlain Shirazi

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