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19th October 2023

A Journey to Shetland

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At Cerco, customer care is not just a buzzphrase, but a deeply ingrained philosophy. We believe it to be the cornerstone of building trust and long-lasting partnerships.

Recently, our team had the unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment during a site visit to the picturesque town of Lerwick, Shetland.

A Commitment to Excellence

Cerco has always been known for its dedication to excellence. This dedication and commitment is driven by our passion for technology and our customers’ success. Our team of highly skilled engineers is always ready to take on new challenges and deliver top-quality solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a world-class service.

The Journey to Shetland: A Unique Assignment

Cerco’s recent journey to Shetland was a unique and exciting assignment. Our team of experienced engineers, some of the best in the business, took on the task of installing Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) hardware for one of our valued customers, Fujitsu. The task was not only significant due to the importance of EPOS systems in modern businesses but also because of the remote location of the installation.

A Tale of Two Shifts: Night and Morning

The installation project was meticulously planned and executed. It involved two distinct shifts – the night shift and the morning shift.

Night Shift

The night shift, a time when most of the work was carried out, was chosen to minimise disruption to the customer’s regular operations. Cerco’s team of engineers worked throughout the night to ensure that the EPOS hardware was installed with precision and efficiency. Experience, strong communication and attention to detail are key attributes for all of our engineers.

Morning Shift

As the sun rose over Lerwick, our team transitioned into the morning shift. This phase was dedicated to testing and validation. It is during this phase that our engineers ensured that everything was working flawlessly and conducted rigorous testing to guarantee the successful operation of the hardware.

Our engineers are the heart of Cerco’s commitment to customers. The journey to Shetland reinforced their dedication to delivering quality and their unwavering attention to detail.

Customer Value and Recruitment

We’re always on the lookout for individuals who share our passion for IT to join our world-class engineering team. This dedication to excellence drives us to attract and nurture the best talent, ensuring our customers continue to receive a top-notch service.

In conclusion, Cerco’s site visit to Shetland reflects our commitment to delivering the highest standards of excellence in IT solutions and services. Our experienced engineers, the backbone of our commitment, proved that no location is too remote and no challenge is too great when it comes to satisfying our customers’ needs.

We are always ready for the next challenge, wherever it may be.