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2nd August 2022

Cerco IT Install IT Internationally – First Stop Madrid

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Cerco IT has landed an exciting opportunity to install EPOS tills in a large multinational highstreet retailer. After successfully embarking on the UK install, Cerco IT were asked to venture over to Madrid to continue with the international EPOS overhaul.

Seven days, 12,000 square meters, 112 EPOS systems

Within one week the IT Engineers had fully fitted out the five-floor retail outlet at Gran Vía Madrid. The store, covering a surface area of 12,000 square meters (one of the largest retail stores in the world), had 119 tills which required de-installation and 112 EPOS systems to be  installed throughout the night, in time for the 9:30am opening. 

The project delivery manager commented on the successful operation “This is the largest single operation I have ever been involved with in my 7 years working for Project Services, and the most engineers I’ve ever seen on one site during my entire career. I am extremely proud of what has been achieved so far on this project, and especially the commitment of the engineers and execution at the Gran Via store.

The commitment from our partner Cerco on this project has been outstanding. Every single person who attended the store went the extra mile in assisting to complete the cutover.

The management team at Cerco have worked tirelessly and have been extremely proactive with the various aspects of their role. From securing the resources for Madrid and the UK estate, to completing all the additional admin, reporting and dealing with last minute requests.

They have always handled everything that has been thrown at them in a professional manner.

Everyone involved in the work was fully committed to getting the job done, volunteering to work throughout both shifts that were planned through the night.”

A rewarding experience for our IT Engineers

This project has been an exciting opportunity for our IT Engineers who had to overcome challenges to successfully deliver the EPOS upgrade within a demanding timeframe. 

David, one of the IT Engineers from Cerco IT commented, “When I joined Cerco IT a few months ago I knew travelling around the UK would be part of the job but I was surprised when I was asked to travel to Madrid.  What followed was a great experience working with my fellow UK engineers and our counterparts in Spain to complete what was our biggest effort in this project so far, overcoming language barriers and different work methods to complete the task.  I am very grateful for having the opportunity to travel to Madrid on this project and to get to experience this wonderful city alongside my fellow engineers.”

We’re incredibly proud of the entire team who helped make this project successful, from the employer partnership team, to the deployment team and to the IT Engineers themselves, everyone pulled together to get the job done! Next stop… Paris! 

Do you want to get involved?

Cerco IT are always on the lookout for new IT Engineers to join our team, and you don’t need experience, we offer free IT training giving you the skills you need to assist on projects just like this one. Find out if you are eligible.