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14th July 2023

Growing Cyber Security Threats in the UK: The Perfect Time to Enter the Cyber Defence Industry

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In recent times the United Kingdom, much like the rest of the world, has seen an alarming rise in the number of cyber threats that pose a significant risk to its citizens, businesses and national security. Indeed, it seems as though each new news cycle brings details of a high-profile companies’ data being compromised or mass phishing attacks being set loose on tech consumers. This is a concerning trend and only seems to further demonstrate the necessity of a robust cyber security workforce to maintain a vigilant watch over the UK’s digital landscape.

From state-sponsored attacks to ransomware campaigns and identity theft, malicious groups and individuals are exploiting our digital vulnerabilities at an unprecedented rate. As organisations across a host of sectors are coming to understand the importance of cyber security, there has been a significant rise in the demand for well trained and skilled professionals to cover all lines of defence.

The UK government, private companies and even non-profit organisations are actively investing in cyber security measures and personnel to fortify their defences. This presents an ideal opportunity for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the ever-evolving world of cyber security.

The cyber security skills gap is only growing wider, so individuals with the drive to learn new skills and succeed in the industry can expect to join an industry with near limitless scope for progression and development. From government incentivised schemes, to industry leading career plans such as Cerco Ltd’s Cradle to Cyber programme, there are a host of opportunities for those who are wanting to make an impact in the world of Cyber. With the demand for professionals surpassing the available supply, job opportunities are abundant and with the threat of cyber crime ever increasing, there is an abundance of advancement potential.

With the rising demand for skilled professionals, attractive career prospects, and the chance to contribute to national security, now is the perfect moment to enter this field. By acquiring the necessary skills, staying updated with the latest cybersecurity trends, and capitalizing on the available resources and training programs, aspiring cyber defenders can build a rewarding and impactful career while protecting the UK’s digital space.