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2nd November 2022

From Troops to Tech: Transition from the military to IT

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We know first hand how daunting it is to join the civilian lifestyle after life in the military, whether you’re leaving because of medical discharge, retirement or personal choice leaving the military is hard. No longer will you have to abide by the rigorous regime, meticulous presentation and the uncertainty of knowing when you’re going to be called for a 6-month operation. 

How do we know what leaving the military is like, you might be asking? We know because we are a team that includes ex-military employees who have been through your journey and have now transitioned into careers that provide them with support and fulfillment. Not only this we have partnered with military charities including Walking with the Wounded, to ensure we have a deep understanding of the support required when it comes to military transition. So what is the next step…

What do I do after leaving the military?

Working in the forces comes with pride, respect and responsibility, so what do you do when all this is gone?

The answer is not one size fits all, and everyone’s coping mechanisms and adaptations to change are different. However, what we do know is that we have a pathway that utilises your transferable skills and combines these with training and support resulting in a career in IT or Cyber Security. 
Our military scheme, Cradle to Cyber, is a four step process that takes you through a journey or training and placements to provide you with a career you enjoy. Find out more about the Cradle to Cyber process here.

Cerco IT Training
Cradle to Cyber Prgramme

What jobs are available through the Cerco scheme?

The career possibilities during the Cradle to Cyber process include both project based work and permanent opportunities. If you choose to be a project based engineer you’ll be employed by Cerco IT and deployed to various sites across the UK to complete IT Technician or IT Engineering tasks. If you’re looking for a full-time, permanent role* our recruitment team will work with you to develop your CV and find a role that is perfect for you.

Project based roles

When working on project based roles you let us know your availability and where in the UK you are available to work (for example within a 50 mile radius of Nottingham), we’ll then deploy you on various roles which could include IT upgrades, office equipment installations or EPoS refurbishments. We regularly work with high street retailers and blue chip companies to maintain, service and install their IT equipment. 

For those who would like to, we then offer the opportunity to train in Cyber Security, this includes skills in ethical hacking and penetration testing, opening up the opportunities of recruitment in this expanding and lucrative sector.

Permanent roles

If you want to transition from the military into a permanent role, we can help you. We’re a trusted recruitment partner for many blue chip companies and government agencies. We regularly have IT and Cyber Security jobs available.

Why IT?

There are two main reasons why we’d recommend a career in IT…

  1. IT is an ever-changing sector, where the opportunities just keep on coming
  2. You have the skills required to excel in this career

We really do care

We can tell you we care until we’re blue in the face, but you don’t just need to take our word for it, take a look at what our alumni have to say…

Agency with a rare human touch

“I’ve been working for Cerco IT for over a year or two and all I can say is ‘Thank you, guys’

Exciting projects and locations all over the UK from south to north. For anyone, who is taking their first steps in the digital industry it is the best place to start. 

The staff are amazing and friendly , not those soulless agencies you can cross over with – you are an individual, not a number or a tool for them. 

Many thanks again ladies and gents, hoping our paths cross again soon.”

Immediate employment

“Cerco IT is an excellent company to work for especially if you are new to or looking to get into IT. After completing the 5 day course I was immediately placed in a role working all over the UK for a large company carrying out various different jobs with multiple other IT engineers who are great to work with and will help you out as much as they can whilst you are still learning the role and gaining experience.

I really enjoyed my time with Cerco IT and the girls in the office were brilliant and very helpful and polite which made my experience with Cerco IT great, specifically Ruby and Kat.

As stated above, if you are new to IT or looking for any IT related work I could not recommend Cerco IT anymore!”

A genuine oasis

“Cerco IT is a genuine oasis in the IT career debutant’s search.

When I came across Cerco IT, it took me 2 attempts to qualify for training – and am I glad I persisted!

Supported by first rate administrative, training and recruitment teams, Cerco IT has taken me from zero to confident IT starter in barely 3 months.

My journey started with a totally supported week’s IT course and CV update; a variation of temporary assignments offering confidence-building exposure; and has culminated in being put forward for a job opening which saw me successfully recruited.

I cannot overstate the confidence gained from the Cerco IT experience.

I really am so positively impacted by the whole team:

Ruby and Ella’s diligence and warmth

Ian’s superb IT training

Keiron, Catherine and Katherine’s approachability and guidance

Becky’s confidence-inspiring support during job application/ interview process

….so it is a pleasure to write this testimonial”

What do I do now?

Ready to start your journey? Simply apply online.

If you need more information or would like to chat with us before applying, give us a call on (0)1270 219760

*When taking the Cradle to Cyber route, you will be required to complete project based work as part of the four step process.